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Gateway Planning with Alamo Architects, 1836 AD, and Pate Engineers developed a Master Plan for MidTown Brackenridge as a vision for the sustained vitality of the Cultural Corridor of San Antonio. Central to this master plan was the recommendation to reinvent Broadway as a transit-friendly boulevard in order to link Brackenridge Park and the San Antonio River. Connecting Downtown and the San Antonio River with the historic neighborhoods stretching on either side of Broadway and around Brackenridge Park, Broadway is the “extended living room” of the City, promising once again to become a strong economic development asset for the City. Broadway also links other key cultural destinations in the city such as the San Antonio Museum of Art, Pearl Brewery, Fort Sam Houston, the Witte, and the McNay, offering a foundation for the makings of the quintessential Cultural Corridor of San Antonio. Using the ITE Manual for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares as the guide, Broadway is envisioned as a Complete Street that accommodates all modes of transportation while also anchoring mixed-use development along the corridor.

Linking Complete Streets and Neighborhoods to Position TOD
In addition, the Master Plan reflects a strong design approach for the streets and public spaces in order to link the neighborhoods of MidTown Brackenridge to key destinations along the corridor. The Plan establishes a vision for St. Mary’s as a corridor for smaller, neighborhood-serving retail, restaurant and entertainment uses, thus ensuring redevelopment is of an appropriate scale with transitions to existing neighborhoods. It also provides a realistic set of public improvements for the St. Mary’s and Josephine Corridors in order to enhance both the business context of those streets and the quality of life of the immediately adjacent neighborhoods.

The master plan represents a more dynamic approach to planning than is typical. It is not just a vision document reflecting community input and professional planning expertise; it also fundamentally provides a critical path for the reinvention of MidTown Brackenridge as a model for redevelopment in the Central City of San Antonio.


Midtown Brackenridge Master Plan - Part 1
Executive summary and the vision for Midtown Brackenridge

Midtown Brackenridge Master Plan - Part 2
Physical Master Plan

Midtown Brackenridge Master Plan - Part 3
Public Improvements Needed for the Vision

Midtown Brackenridge Master Plan - Part 4

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 Midtown San Antonio


Midtown San Antonio
Midtown San Antonio
Midtown San Antonio
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