The following presentations are listed alphabetically by the audience that originally heard them.


American Planning Association - North Texas Focus 5

Beyond Zoning! Facilitating Bankable Places We Love


2014 Advance Real Estate Course Paper

Zoning for Innovative Design/Mixed Use


2014 ULI TOD Conference

Trinity Lakes TOD Public-Private Partnership, Fort Worth, Texas


2014 Texas APA Conference

The CityLine – State Farm Mixed Use TOD Story, Richardson, Texas

Show me the Money! Implementing Bankable Urbanism


American Chamber of Commerce Executives

Value Drivers for the New Economics of Place


American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Strategic City Investment in Placemaking Infrastructure


American Planning Association

A New Model for Infrastructure Funding-Design Based Value Capture

DOTs as Placemakers!


Austin, Texas

Design and Fiscal Analysis of Potential Rail Destinations in Austin

New Redevelopment Vision for Austin's Airport Boulevard


Building Professional Institute

Sustainable Development Best Practices


Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)

Implementing form-based codes and the ITE Manual for Walkable Urban Thoroughfares

Form-Based Economic Development for Main Street


Congressional Funding Forum

A Sustainable Development Approach


CSS National Dialog

Main Street Duncanville - CSS Best Practice


Form-Based Codes Institute

Economic Development Through Form-Based Coding Webinar


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International Downtown Association

Form-Based Downtown Economic Development


Downtown Placemaking and Economic Development

Form-Based, the de facto Master Devleoper


National League of Cities

Economic Development for Small and Middle Sized Downtowns

Implementing Livability


North Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)

Building a Usable Form Based Code


Smart Growth Network

Form-Based Codes in Redevelopment/Infill Contexts


Texas Historical Commission

Placemaking, Traffic and TxDOT


Transportation Research Board

The Cotton Belt Innovative Finance Initiative


UTCLE Land Use Conference

TxDOT Highway Turnback – A Corridor Redevelopment Opportunity


Urban Land Institute

ULI Advisory Panel: The Future of Houston




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