How To Invest in Dubai Real Estate Property From India

How to invest in Dubai property from India. Top Reasons for Investing in Dubai Real Estate. How to Invest in Dubai Real Estate from India. Can Indian Citizens Buy Property In Dubai. Can Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) Invest In Dubai Real Estate.

Top Reasons Why Indian Investors Should Think of Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Besides being a touristic nation, Dubai is an incredible economic hub. It is a potential place to create wealth for both locals and foreigners. Dubai is a fascinating City and Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Though falling in a City category, Dubai holds massive wealth which surpasses many countries globally.

Anyone thinking of visiting Dubai can expect an ultramodern city with an impressive lifestyle, buildings, shopping malls and beautiful deserts. Dubai is a comprehensive haven with great life and riches, and it is open to all.

Dubai offers fantastic opportunities to investors seeking to buy property or start businesses within the city. With the chance, most Indian residents look to go beyond India and gain property in the lucrative city. India is pretty huge with a considerable population financially stable to invest in real estate businesses.

How To Invest in Dubai Real Estate Property From India
How To Invest in Dubai Real Estate Property From India

India and Dubai Business Inspiration

Dubai presents better real estate or property deals to foreigners. Investors don’t need to pay the capital gain tax. The City offers high-end reasons like Rental yields, capital appreciation, strong Dirham (AED) and safety. With recent statistics Indian citizens are bring an approximate $335 million in the Dubai property business (real estate). The market reflects a huge growth from 18.3% to 22.2% in the past year (2023), with high expectations for 2024.

With an approximate suggestion, over 3.5 million Indian residents live in Dubai. These individuals help develop the economy through business ventures and employment in different sectors. Dubai’s economy is very stable, with the Emirati Dirham (AED) doing well in terms of dollar stability.

India gets the privilege of a renewable Visa, which goes for several years. One can opt for a Golden Visa with five (5) years of validity. The easiest way to avail a Golden Visa is having a property in Dubai. The property should be worth 2 million AED, giving a guarantee of 5 year renewable Golden Visa.

Inspiring Indian nationalities need a Visa, passport, a No objection Certificate and a Licensed real estate agent. This gives a leeway to starting your Dubai investment journey.

Top Reasons for Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Dubai is quite promising to investors who seek to make fast legal wealth. India residents can review the following reasons to invest in Dubai.

  • A Tax-Free Investment

Hefty taxes can be a huge investment limitation. Many business owners find it challenging to invest in new locations due to taxes. Dubai doesn’t have capital gains and property taxes. This allows investors to gain profit from the rental or property business. Dubai tax authorities also don’t take taxes (tax repercussions) when foreigners sell their property.

  • Rental Yields

Dubai rental yields are way better compared to India. Property investors gain more returns with estimation of 5-7%rential yields. This is higher than in most parts of Indian states or cities. The Dubai rental rates are always constant, giving a solid return.

  • Dubai Economy

Dubai’s economy is very strong and stable. The city counts among the best locations to implement real estate business. There are major boosts like tourism, trade, and property business, which help economic growth.

  • Affordability

Though Dubai is a high-end destination, it’s very affordable compared to other Countries in the world. It’s the best place for middle-average investors seeking to have a financial footing in a classy location. Indian real estate buyers can take advantage of various Dubai programs that provide easy visas and ownership.

  • Quality infrastructure

Dubai is an ultramodern city with high-quality infrastructure. The city is designed with modern architecture to host all amenities in a single city. The roads and facilities are top-notch, giving all properties value regardless of location.

  • Security and transparency

Indian investors can be sure of security and transparency as the real estate agencies follow up on every detail. The paperwork follows a regulated procedure from authorized bodies. One can be sure of genuine legal documents and the Visa process. The city is highly secured as it’s a tourist destination that receives millions of visitors annually.

Key Reasons Why Indian Investors are Seeking the Dubai Property Market

The primary reason an investor opts for an outside property market is to expand their wealth zone. Majority of investors check for easy markets to venture making their business profitable. In India, the real estate market is doing great but is also flooded, considering the population.

Economy stability

However, it’s also a fact that India’s economy fluctuates regularly, affecting investments. For financial safety, investors are moving to stable and accessible markets in Dubai. The real estate business is profitable and available as the city accommodates different investors in the system.

Skyrocketing prices

India’s property purchase prices are skyrocketing, making it challenging to settle for the real estate business. This has seen migration to the Dubai property industry as it’s tax-free with high rental yields. Aspiring Indian investors get great deals from the Reserve Bank of India as it provides a Liberated Remittance Scheme. This allows residents to transfer $250,000 to Dubai to gain property of interest. It’s possible to transfer double the amount for couples every fiscal year.

Easy registration process

Unlike India, Dubai offers legal simplified registration process. It’s also easy to obtain a Visa that suits your stay and business activities. One needs to invest one million AED in property to avail a residency Visa (Golden Visa).

To acquire property, the responsible authorities sell based on carpet area. This is considerable compared to India’s built-up area calculation. Once you acquire property in Dubai, the parking area is offered free, while in other countries or cities, it’s sold separately.

In general the price of India property can be more than that of Dubai. This gives investors reasons to shift to Dubai real estate as it is cheaper, quality, secure and accessible.

Legal Procedures and tips for investing in Dubai

With all the stated reasons, buying a property in Dubai is the right decision for Indian investors. However, one should follow a legal process from authorized agencies. Ensure to check the legal documents to avoid fraud cases along the transfer process.

The user needs to:

  • Look for a tax identity number from the respective tax body.
  • Next, get a Dubai Bank account. Review different banks and their financial offers before settling for any bank.
  • Proceed to learn about different investment channels like the stock market, real estate, mutual funds and more.
  • Involve a professional property agency or advisor to help in getting the right quality deals.
  • Ensure to conduct thorough research before purchasing any property or venturing into any market.

How to Invest in Dubai Real Estate from India

Simple tips on how you should invest in Dubai

After getting the legal procedure, it’s best to review why you need to invest in Dubai.

  • First, understand the reason for purchasing property.

It’s okay to review different options and know the primary reason for investing in real estate or other businesses in Dubai. Get proper details from a qualified advisor to help view the broad market. One can compare different properties, know their rental yields, what works better? All this helps you settle for productive properties, which increase your income.

Before involving a professional, have your idea first

It’s wise to have your idea before receiving other opinions. To have slight market knowledge, research online or visit to explore different locations and properties. Dubai comprises of villas, apartments, townhouses, beach homes and more. Each property is unique, with some containing amenities such as a swimming pool, football/gym/tennis/soccer/golf courts. 

It’s advisable to check for foreigner open areas to avoid legal battles. You can also venture into popular locations for fast returns. Dubai agencies will offer guidance based on your idea rather than what they want to sell.

Get a real estate or business agency.

Investing in new land is confusing and requires a local to help with the legal process. The best way to maneuver the industry is to involve a legal business/Real estate agency. One can check for various listed agencies, their policies, fees, previous work and legal status.

  • Due diligence

Before starting off the purchase journey, conduct a due diligence search. Go through the property details, involve legal experts and ask different questions regarding the business.

Understand the Dubai Property Market

Investors need to learn the market as one can purchase property from a private owner or developer. For off-plan settlement, one should provide their passport to help in the transfer process. The buyer also need to deposit a reservation fee of 5 to 15 % to help in agreement and other sale process. For building on construction ensure to have the completion date and details. This helps in compensation if the construction goes beyond the said dates.

  • Documentation

The documentation process is pretty easy and fast. Buyers need to provide their passports and get a residency permit. One can request for the 6-month property holder’s visa which helps when searching for property to purchase. After getting a property, one can apply for a long-term stay visa like the Golden Visa.

Understand Tax and Purchase Fees

Dubai’s property tax is not as complicated as in other cities in the world. However, there are a few charges that apply during the purchase, as follows:

  • Developer fee
  • Agency or real estate broker fee
  • Mortgage fee
  • Deposit
  • Transfer charges
  • Currency exchange charges.
  • Lawyer fee.
  • Registration charges

The user can have an additional amount over the stated property fee to help clear any emerging fees.

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Leasehold and Freehold Areas

Dubai has a specified location designated for expats and foreigners to purchase property. This are freehold areas which are easy to acquire quality property. Examples of freehold areas are Al Barsha, Emirates Hills, Jebel Ali, Ras Khour, AI Gouz and more.

The leasehold areas are sections that cannot be fully purchased by expats but are available on lease terms. Interested individuals can lease the properties for 10 to 99 years based on the agreement. However, the leaseholder cannot purchase or acquire ownership.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Aspiring property owners should get a pre-approval from a lending body. This helps in financial planning for fast transfer to the right owner or department.

Once you opt for Dubai property or business investment, it is best to review all details and check for the end results. Dubai allows one to have ample time to investigate the properties before purchasing. Take advantage of the property holder’s visa to review all information and conduct due diligence.

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