Texas Board of Nursing License Renewal 2024 Process

2024 Texas Board of Nursing License Renewal. How to renew nursing license in texas. Informative Details on Nursing Licenses Application and Renewal Licenses

Texas Board of Nursing

Nursing sector holds a huge medical section by providing special care and ensuring everything runs smoothly. In U.S. nursing is pretty significant with interested applicants having to study and attain practicing licenses. The license is renewable based on every State nursing laws.

Texas is a proud member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).The NCL is a resources for nurses as it allows them to practice in other state that are of the compact. Nursing licensure occurs at the state level and handled by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON).

BON was launched in 1909 which formally recognized professional nursing in the state of Texas. It also enforces state nursing laws, enhances state nursing schools and programs to ensure they provide educational requirements for licensure.

The Texas Board of Nursing offers information related to the state’s nursing rules and regulations to the public. It grants temporarily licenses for RNs and LVNs to people who move to Texas from other state for recent nursing graduates to practice under the control of an RN. Nurses who hold a nursing license in Texas are required to keep their licenses active by renewing it at the appropriate times.

Texas Board of Nursing License Renewal

It is simple as nurses can renew their licenses through the board and receive their licenses promptly. Addition, they can verify their licenses renewal online. It is illegal to practices nursing in the state of Texas without an active license as the Texas Board of Nursing can take disciplinary action against your licenses like fines, revocations and suspension of nursing licenses.

Texas Board of Nursing License Renewal 2024 Process
Texas Board of Nursing License Renewal 2024 Process

CE Requirements for Licenses Renewal in Texas

All nurses should complete one contact hour of continuing education(CE) for each year of the renewa.Here are necessary requirements for Texas nursing license renewal ;

  • Nurse should have complete six contact hours of CE each year.
  • A maximum of 12 contact hours of CE may be carried to the next renewal period.
  • At least two required contact hours should be completed in medication or pharmacology administration within the last years.
  • All Continuing Education must be approved by an accredited provider like professional or a college organization

How to Renew Texas Board Nursing Licenses Online

Steps to renew nursing licenses online

You can renew your nursing licenses application online through the Texas Board of Nursing website by following the guide below;

  1. Navigate to the official portal of the Texas Nursing Board link https://www.bon.texas.gov.
  2. Collect any required documentation like proof of continuing education and renewal application.
  3. Provide your licenses number and last four digits of Social Security number.
  4. Schedule exams if necessary according to your licenses type.
  5. Continue by viewing your email for the registration link.
  6. Make renewal fee payment through visa, American Express, MasterCard etc.
  7. Lastly, take a print Receipt page to complete the process.

Eligibility Criteria for a Texas RN Licenses by Endorsement

To be eligible for a Texas RN licenses, a nurse must apply for a Texas RN licenses if they meet the following criteria as mentioned below;

  • They should have a U.S Social Security Number.
  • Should be able to pay the $186.00 application fee by electronic check or credit card.
  • No eligibility issues to disclose to the Texas Board of Nursing like disciplinary history.
  • Graduates of nursing who have not passed the NCLEX need to apply for a Texas Nursing Licenses through examination.

Application Process for RN Licensure by Endorsement

For applicants who are eligible for endorsement must;

  • Complete the online Endorsement or the Fillable PDF Endorsement application.
  • Undergo a criminal background check and fingerprints.
  • Qualified the nursing jurisprudences exam
  • Submit verification of licensure across all previous countries, organizations or states.
  • Make payment for application fee at $186.

How to Fill out RN-Delinquent (Expired) Texas Board of Nursing

To fill out RN-Delinquent Texas board of nursing- texas.gov-bon Texas online is quick and easy as stated below;

  • First, sign in to your account with credentials.
  • Create a free account to check the product prior to select the subscription.
  • Search and drop the file from your device or send it from other services such as Google Drive, Drop box, One Drive etc.
  • Next edit RN-Delinquent- Texas Board of Nursing-Texas.gov-bon Texas.
  • Add and underline text, insert images, checkmarks, symbols and drop new fillable areas or remove pages from your paperwork.
  • Download the modified documents, export it to the cloud.
  • Copy it forms the editor or share with others through shareable link or email attachment.

Process to Make an Electronic Signature for the Nursing Licenses Renewal Texas Form on Android

In order to add an electronic signature, you can check the steps below;

  • Login to your sign Now account through Google.
  • Add the PDF you need to work with using your cloud storage or camera by pressing on the (+) symbol.
  • Choose the area you want to insert your signature.
  • Draw it in the popup window on the page given.
  • Verify and hold it by hitting on the tick symbol and then save the changes for references.
  • Finally, download the resulting document to complete the process.

Make an Electronic Signature for Putting it on the Nursing Licenses Renewal Texas form in Gmail

Procedure to make an electronic signature for putting it on the Nursing Licenses Renewal Texas form in Gmail

Below are simple steps to follow to get your nursing licenses renewal Texas from Gmail without any third-party platforms;

  • Move to the Chrome Web Store and add the sign Now extension to your browser.
  • Sign into your account to proceed.
  • Launch the email you received with the documents that require signing.
  • Choose Sign from the solution‘s sidebar and create electronic signature.
  • Click done option and tap your signature.
  • Your designed file will be attached to the draft email generated by sign Now’s signature tool.

Eligibility Criteria for a Texas Compact License

Nurses with compact or multistate licenses may be telephonically, electronically or physically practice across states lines in other compact states. To be eligible for a compact licenses, you need to meet the following criteria’s;

  • Should have Texas licensure requirements.
  • Have to declare Texas as primary state of residence.
  • Must be legally resided in Texas.
  • Have an active Texas RN licenses.

Ways to Protect Texas When Completing it Online

There are various standards regulations and actions that you can use to shield your documents online;

  • Regularly update your devices and avoid installing suspicious software.
  • Enable data encryptions on your phone and notebook.
  • Protect your web browsing and install antivirus programs for your desktops computer.

Things That Can Stop you From Being a Nurse in Texas

You can stop being a nurse in Texas due of the following activities;

  • Crimes involving fraud or theft.
  • Sexual misconduct.
  • Crimes like lying, deception and falsification.
  • Violence or threatening behavior.
  • Drug and alcohol.

Circumstances that can prevent you from renewing licenses online

  • Being chosen for a background check and yet not completed.
  • Containing delinquent licensees or an inactive license.
  • Not providing education requirements.

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  1. What are the requirements for nursing licenses renewal in Texas?

To renew your nursing licenses, you need to be;

  • Completed the appropriate renewal application and pay the fees.
  • Advanced practice registered nurse.
  • Completed at least one contact hour of education for each year of the renewal period.

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